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We have a passion for branching up towards innovation

Branch Up Founder

Frédéric Massart

  • In 2017, when we launched Branch Up, we had a clear vision of "A world that uses quality technology to uplift its people."
  • For the last 3 years, we have worked towards realising this vision by creating high quality software solutions to help people, business and organisations grow upwards... towards innovation.
  • We're pleased to be able to share how many people and organisations around the world have branched up and used technology to learn, to empower and to do good things!
  • Technological advancement and digital solutions in our lifetime is inevitable. Quality technology and digital innovation for our people first and foremost is something we can all have an input in and influence the outcome.
  • Thank you for your support and involvement, We look forward to another 3 years of branching up towards innovation.


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Together we've innovated

Edtech, real estate, cryptocurrency, gamification… here are just some of the industries we've helped branch up towards innovation!


We developed a system that allows organisations to automatically extract and integrate data from a Student Management System to a new Learning Management System (LMS).


We built an app to watch, monitor, analyse and alert users on the movements and performance of their investments assets.


Our online learning gamification tool - Level up! - saw a 251% growth of use on Moodle sites! We also released Level up! Plus - a premium add-on with more features.


We helped a global company to offer gamification solutions to reward their customers and employees with real goods!


We contributed to making learning management systems compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy laws.


We developed and released FindMyCoins - a free web app to support Bitcoin users to find out what currency they might have but know nothing about. So far, we found 680+ billion forked coins from 5 million Bitcoin addresses!

Real Estate

We built a platform for real estate investors to efficiently monitor and analyse markets to inform their investment strategies.


We started helping the climbing and bouldering industry branch up towards innovation with UpMost - a competitions management app for gyms and climbers alike. To date we've supported about 500 competitors who recorded more than 6,000 scores!


We're in the first stages of creating a digital solution for cryptocurrency users to easily access their wallets and statements, much like a traditional bank account, in one place.


We've created a solution that allows an LMS from a large educational institution to be integrated with a separate events management software so that registrations can easily lead to enrolments without any need for manual handling.

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