Our Mission

Creating high quality software solutions to help people, businesses and organisations grow upwards.

Our Vision

A world that uses quality technology to uplift its people.

Our Story

Branch Up is a dedicated and select group of collaborators, committed to helping you take the next steps "up" where innovation, growth, and the future happen.

Frédéric (Fred) Massart, who started his self-taught digital journey from the age of 11, when a family computer arrived in his home in Belgium, initiated Branch Up.

Fred's inquisitive and creative learning by playing with computers, typing commands, discovering internals and breaking them to achieve the outcomes he wanted in his early years, is evident in Branch Up's mission - Creating high quality software to help people, businesses and organisations grow upwards.

Branch Up's team of software and app developers, marketing, UX and website professionals have worked on global gamification, mobile app and development projects.

All of Branch Up's projects are very carefully curated to deliver results that are only of the highest quality.

Our People

When asked "What kind of team would you like to work with?", our founder, Fred Massart answered, "a team of experts."

Here at Branch Up, our collaborators are experts in software development, marketing, UI/UX, design and more.

Beyond that, Branch Up is a group of people who are not just satisfied with getting things done. We are passionate, we believe in doing things well, we are open-minded, creative and curious. Importantly, we care about you - the people who will use our solutions.

Let's meet the people behind Branch Up.

Frédéric Massart

Originally hailing from Belgium, our Founder and Chief Collaborator, Fred now calls Australia home. Fred's love of technology started when he was 11 years old when a family computer arrived at his home. Soon, Fred was programming multiple software solutions for friends, family members and businesses (the latter when he worked for a web agency at the age of 16).

Fred is a self-taught developer and strongly believes in quality, robust and open (as much possible) technology to improve many aspects of our lives. With this in mind, Fred has developed resource saving and innovative software such as Moodle Development Kit, NGC-elites, Level Up, The Hangout Perth, Cryptocurrencies site, and more.

When you entrust your project to grow upwards with us, Fred will lead its development with best practice knowledge and forward thinking skills.

Barbara Ramiro

Barbara Ramiro is a UX and UI specialist who has extensive experience in developing user friendly websites, web and mobile apps in the edtech and training sectors.

Barbara's interest in this field was born from having a keen eye for identifying how information architecture and user interface might be designed for better user experience.

When you work with Barbara at Branch Up, you can be assured that there will be a seamless transition from visual design to great user experience for any products, software and apps we build.

Petra Vanessie

With a belief that marketing and communications is the bridge between product development and people engagement, Petra is passionate about her profession. With over 10 years of experience in the marketing/communications industry, Petra has said she's been lucky to have the opportunity to work with major projects such as Moodle, the development of the first digital Australian Curriculum, and of course, Branch Up.

When you work with us, you can be sure to get Petra's innovative and creative marketing to make your project grow upwards.

When you work with us, we promise a knowledge base built on true passion for innovation.

Andrew Hutchison

Andrew is an artist, graphic and website designer based in Perth, Western Australia. Andrew has build numerous websites and contributed to brand development for many businesses. In fact he build our Branch Up website!

When you work with Branch Up, Andrew will be at hand to make sure what we create have great UI, accessible design and great branding.

Our Promise

To you and our team

At Branch Up, we want to live out what we can honestly promise our team members, collaborators and clients.

So, instead of reciting our values, we want to let you know what we can realistically promise when you work with us on any software, app, gamification or project development.


We are a group of perfectionists; which is why we very carefully curate the projects we work on. We want to make sure that what you get is what you need to grow upwards.

By working with Branch Up, you can expect a robust, secure and high quality product.


Clear and efficient communications is what we are all about.

We will ask questions so that we can translate your ideas then mix them with our problem solving knowledge and innovation to create solutions you need to grow upwards.


Innovation can be seen as a common buzzword today.

Here at Branch Up, our team members are always seeking to improve our skills and knowledge.

So passions for learning, discovering, research - which are at the roots of innovation - are really important to us.

When you work with us, we promise a knowledge base built on true passion for innovation.


We are a group of collaborators at Branch Up.

Throughout all stages of our project we want to work together to discover what you need and develop solutions that will help upwards growth.

Curious how Branch Up's people, work, products and solutions can help your business grow upwards?

Get in touch to make innovation happen